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Chile vs Jamaica: Live Stream Get statistics for the Chile vs Jamaica 2019 Women’s International Friendly, Women’s International Friendly football match. Country comparison Chile vs Jamaica 2019 Country comparison, could be one of the best players in the world” following her three-goal display in the Matildas’ win over Chile.

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Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz will begin serious preparation for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France early next year. The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) will host Chile’s senior women’s team for two matches on February 28 and March 3. These will be the first two, of six friendly matches, to be played before the World Cup.

President of the JFF, Michael Ricketts, told The Sunday Gleaner that the Girlz will contest the Chilean team in the first game at the National Stadium, before travelling to the Montego Bay Sports Complex for the second game.The coach of the Chilean National Team, José Letelier, summoned 21 players for the next friendly matches of La Roja, corresponding to the second FIFA Date of the year in the International Women’s Calendar.

The duels against Jamaica are scheduled for next February 28, at 7:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. Chile), at the National Stadium of Kingston; and for the next March 3, at the same time, in the Sports Complex of Montego Bay. “In the middle of January, we will be having camps here in Jamaica and then we will play the games,” Ricketts said. “We want to give Jamaica an opportunity to see the team again, and also for them to come out and support the Girlz.”

Ricketts said that the Girlz will also have a camp in Florida in April before playing New Zealand. “After the New Zealand game, we go to England for the last camp, where we play Scotland, and then after Scotland, we will set up our World Cup base in France and play Spain on June 1,” he said.

The Reggae Girlz will open their Women’s World Cup Finals campaign against Brazil on June 9. They will face Italy on June 14 before rounding out the group stage against Australia on June 18.
At this point in time, foreigners without a direct Chilean link are listed in 8 Venezuelans, 1 Uruguayan, 1 Peruvian, 4 Paraguayan, 1 Mexican, 1 Guatemalan, 2 American, 1 Ecuadorian, 2 Colombian, 1 Brazilian, 2 Haitian, and 10 Argentines

About other figures, there are 8 daughters of someone from Chile born in other countries who came to play in Chile. There are 9 that, of equal quality, have not done so. And there are 42 Chileans of birth who have had some team abroad, 4 of them being players who started their career outside their native country. All this, also, according to the information that you have.
Based on the known data, it is the first European to play in Chile, and it is already at Universidad de Concepción , a member of the nascent First Division of the ANFP, which begins in 2019. It is Eriikka Lyytinen (16-Apr- 1991 / 1.57 m / central center), a Physical Education teacher graduated in Finland and, half a year ago, a graduate student at the university that the club represents (read her name as érriika liiútinen ).

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